EPFO Login

EPFO login: By reading this article, you’ll be able to know what a UAN number is, how it is going to change your life as an EPFO employee. Wat benefits EPFO is currently providing to its members. How to activate, log in and change status of your EPFO UAN Account.

A UAN number is very beneficial for employees, ALL EPFO users must know the significance of a UAN number. EPFO launched UAN numbers to give a permanent identity to PF account. UAN is beneficial for each and every member of the EPFO organization. You can easily manage your status, your account balance, your PF withdrawals and much more.

EPFO Login Benefits

Some benefits that EPFO provides are as follows:

  • You can get yourself facilitated by the insurance benefit. Insurance Benefit
  • On Special Occasions- EPF is available for your help
  • Helps to achieve your long-term goals you have been trying to achieve for many years. Goals- Marriage, Education, child or any sibling

In order to log in to you EPF UAN account must have to activate your UAN first. For this purpose you need to follow the instructions given below:

  • Go to the website http://uanmembers.epfoservices.in/check_uan_status.php
  • For UAN activation, you first need your EPF number that will be provided by your employer. In case, he does not give you your EPF number you can generate it through your Provident fund pay slip.
  • At the time of activation, EPFO will be asking you about your EPF number and password as well as all the necessary details regarding your EPF.
  • Once all the details have been submitted correctly, (age, gender, and other necessary information), your UAN will be activated

After the UAN activation, you can now easily log in to your EPF UAN account. This will help you in knowing your UAN status, Know the company’s account balance, download the passbook without any hustle and also get a better insurance for your future.

In order to login into your EPFO UAN account, please follow the guidelines described below:

Please open this website http://uanmembers.epfoservices.in/check_uan_status.php.it will then open up a pop-up that will ask you for your UAN and your password.

You will then have to enter your UAN number that had been generated at the time of activation and the password you entered while creating your UAN id.

After submitting your UAN and password, a new window will be opened, where you’ll be able to enjoy the services provided by the EPFO. You will then be able to check the member’s portal, your account balance, and UAN status, etc.

EPF UAN Balance Inquiry

You can also inquire balance after logging in. To check the account balance, please follow the guidelines mentioned below:

UAN portal also helps you to know the balance that is kept in your company’s account. You can handle multiple accounts under one site that is one of the major advantages of UAN portal. To check your balance, follow these steps:

  • Go to the website; http://www.epfindia.com
  • An option of knowing your EPF balance will be mentioned at the bottom of that page.
  •  Select the state of EPF office in which you created your account at the time of activation.

UAN Login : Forgot Password

What if you forget your password:

On the same website, just below the option of UAN and password, there will be a button of Forgot password, just simply click on that button.

They will do verification through your phone number.

As soon as the verification is completed, you will now be able to create a new password.

Some significant benefits of logging into EPF UAN Account are as follows:

  1. The actuation of UAN makes you qualified for the online administrations of the EPFO. After the actuation, you can get to the dashboard of the UAN entrance.
  2. You can download you EPF UAN passbook through the UAN entryway. The Passbook has the redesigned explanation of EPF commitment.
  3. You can check you EPF adjust through missed call or SMS.
  4. You can transfer the examined duplicate of KYC. The KYC would help you for the online check.
  5. You can without much of a stretch make an EPF withdrawal.
  6. You can without much of a stretch exchange your PF on the web.
  7. You can list the greater part of your PF accounts at one place.