How To Know The UAN Status?

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What is a Universal Account number?

A UAN number is a 12 digit code number that is allotted by all employers to their employees. Each employee has a separate UAN number, and no two employees have same UAN numbers. It represents an employees’ identity, and it has made easier for employees to manage multiple accounts at a time.

What is UAN status?

UAN status tells you whether your UAN number is activated or not as the shows itself that it tells you the current status of your EPFO account.

Universal Account number has solved much of our problems and has made our daily tasks very easy. Employees must have a UAN number as it is mandatory for EPF withdrawal. So you must have a UAN number in order to make withdrawal possible. UAN has also made PF transfer a lot easy and has saved much of our time.

UAN is not only for working employees, rather unemployed workers and students can also get a UAN that they must have it when they get employed in future.

For having a UAN, there is no compulsion that you must have to be an employee or you must be working under an employer to get a UAN number. EPFO is trying to connect to people directly and trying to drag employers out of it. This is because employers are trying to be dominant just because they are ruling over the PF key.

Important facts you need to know:

Before checking the UAN Status, you must know that checking UAN status is not possible without a Universal account number. So you must get it from your employer. If your employer does not give you your UAN number, don’t worry you can also get it by the EPF provident fund number that is mentioned on the Pay slip.

Benefits of having a UAN number

  1. The activation of UANmakes you eligible for the online services of the EPFO. After the activation, you can access the dashboard of the UAN portal.
  2. You can download your EPF UAN passbook through the UAN portal. The Passbook has the updated statement of EPF contribution.
  3. You can check your EPF balance through missed call or SMS.
  4. You can upload the scanned copy of KYC. The KYC would help you for the online verification.
  5. You can easily make an EPF withdrawal.
  6. You can easily transfer your PF online.
  7. You can list all of your PF accounts at one place.