UAN login plays a significant role in helping you to check you EPFO status. You must login into your account in order to get yourself facilitated by the value added services that EPFO provides. After getting your UAN number, you need to get yourself logged in to your UAN member portal online in order to check you EPFF balance, your EPF status, your UAN, PF claim status, and activate PF transfer to the bank account to new EPF account. You can handle, multiple PF accounts by just one EPFO login.

The UAN number is allotted to EPFO member employees. This number provides a unique identity to each and every member working in the EPFO member portal.

Before logging into your UAN account, you must have to get yourself registered. For this purpose, you must have your mobile number, your member id, and your UAN number that might have been allotted by your employer. For logging into UAN member portal online, a UAN number generation and UAN activation is a must.

  • As soon as your UAN has been activated, you need to follow the guidelines mentioned below to log in to your EPFO UAN account. IF you have taken all the necessary steps regarding, the activation, you can easily log into your UAN member portal.
  • First of all, you need to open up the website, Before opening this website, you need your UAN to be activated. For that purpose, you need to get your UAN number from your employer. Mind that a UAN logic can’t be possible without a UAN generation and activation. In case, your UAN number is not generated, contact EPF India to get your further problems solved.
  • When you will open the website, you will see a window in front of you with a pop up that will be asking you for your UAN and your password (one that was provided by your employer) and the password ( one that you provided at the time of sign up/activation)
  • Now open the UAN member’s portal and check the status of your UAN.

Note: Still if any problem exists, Contact the helpline number provided in order to get answers to all you queries 1800 188 005

What to do if you forget the password of your UAN Portal?

Forgetting passwords is not a big deal these days. Many of us forget our passwords and you need not worry in situations when you keep on trying to remember your password but it does not come into your mind. UAN portal has made easier for the members to generate new passwords in case the have forgotten the old ones.

In order to get a new password generated, you need to follow these easy steps that have been described as follows:

  • A pop up will come in front of you asking your username and password. An option of Forgot Password will be mentioned under it. Simply Click on Forgot Password.
  • Then Enter your UAN number (that has been provided by the employer) and Captcha and the Click on
  • It will be showing you, your mobile number that you provided at the time of UAN Activation. If you want to change the Mobile Number, you can click on Yes. If no, simply click on NO.
  • Then fill all the necessary details your Name, Date of Birth, Gender, KYC Type, and Document Number. Enter your details. Click on Verify near the Document number.
  • After verifying all the details, it will ask you to give a new password. Give a password that has a great link with your life so that you remember it for the next time.
  • Woah! Your new password has been created.

You can also check your EPFO status from this UAN portal as well.

How to check UAN status of EPFO login?

UAN portal also provides a unique facility for people those who like to test the status of UAN.  Employees can check through official web portal. Before checking the status keep ready your 22 digit EPF id with you. The following steps are useful for people to check the UAN status quickly.

  • Employee those who like to check the status of the UAN number they want to visit the official website of the EPFO There you can check your EPFO status that will help you know your activation details and your UAN key generation.

UAN Balance Inquiry

UAN portal also helps you to know the balance that is kept in your company’s account. You can handle multiple accounts under one site that is one of the major advantages of UAN portal. In order to check your balance, follow these steps:

  • Go to the website;
  • An option of knowing your EPF balance will be mentioned at the bottom of that page.
  •  Select the state of EPF office in which you created your account at the time of activation.

In this article, we have clearly described the purpose of UAN login portal, the reason why one should have an account on UAN member portal. We have described the steps logging into the portal. We have mentioned ways by which a new password can be generated in case the old one is forgotten. We have explained the steps of inquiring the balance of your account as well.