A UAN is a number that is allotted to an individual employee from a number of employers. UAN is a single account that controls the functions of member ids of employers given to employees. Therefore, every time an employee needs to change job, he/she needs to provide the UAN so that the new member id is added to the UAN account.

What is actually a UAN number?

A UAN is a 12-digit number given to each employee Provident Fund Member by an organization known as EPFO. The workers can easily check their PF Frequently. They can also use these numbers to check the balance in their company’s accounts and withdraw PF at any time. Universal account number is now an armor for the employees to protect their own rights as well as PF throughout their operating career. Therefore, the UAN is much more important, useful and very significant for every staff working in India.

Universal Account number has solved much of our problems and has made our daily tasks very easy. Employees must have a UAN number as it is mandatory for EPF withdrawal. So you must have a UAN number in order to make withdrawal possible. UAN has also made PF transfer a lot easy and has saved much of our time.

UAN is not only for working employees, rather unemployed workers and students can also get a UAN number.so that they must have it when they get employed in future.

For having a UAN, there is no compulsion that you must have to be an employee or you must be working under an employer in order to get a UAN number.

Points to remember before getting yourself a UAN number

There are certain points that you need to make clear and keep into your mind before getting yourself a UAN number:

One employee will get only get one universal account number

UAN Number Advantages

The Advantages of having a UAN number: