Are you in need to check your UAN status, or are willing to activate your UAN? This article will answer all your questions.

A UAN is a 12 digit code number which is attached to the identity of an employee. It plays a significant role for the employees working in the EPFO organizations. It is very convenient as it makes EPF withdrawals much easier and you can handle multiple accounts at a time. UAN also helps you to download your Passbook Easily.

UAN status helps you to know that whether your UAN status has been activated or not. Below are the guidelines to know your UAN status:

Before coming to the UAN status, you j=must know all the necessary information regarding a UAN. You must get your number generated from your employer. You cannot get your UAN activated if you don’t get your UAN number generated.

A Universal Account number is assigned to each employee working in the EPFO organization. Each employee has his/her UAN number and represents his/her identity.  A UAN number is a lifetime, and it remains with you despite how many jobs you change. However, all that you need to do to enjoy online facilities of EPFO is to activate the UAN online. You can track your PF status and EPF balance via SMS if your UAN is activated.

All Necessary steps to check your UAN Status are as follows:

Note: Please keep in mind this process is only possible if you have an activated UAN number. If you do not have an activated UAN number, please contact your employer and ask him to give you your EPF number so that you can get yourself registered and get your UAN number generated. As soon as your UAN is generated, you can now easily follow the steps shown below in order to check your UAN status.

Step 1:

So first of all what you need to do is, Go to the website .

Log in to your Epfo account. The website will be asking you for your UAN that 12 digit number and your password which you entered when you registered for your UAN.

As soon as you login to your UAN account the website will open the page where various facilities provided by the EPFO will be shown.

Go to the EPFO member portal and check your UAN status.

By this UAN status you’ll be able to know the current status of your UAN, and you’ll also be able to know whether it has been activated or not. If there is still any problem in logging into your account, please contact the helpline number given below for further assistance:


Benefits of having a UAN are:

  1. The activation of UAN makes you eligible for the online services of the EPFO. After the activation, you can access the dashboard of the UAN portal.
  2. You can download you EPF UAN passbook. You can check your EPF balance through missed call or SMS (which is very convenient).
  3. You can upload the scanned copy of KYC. The KYC would help you for the online verification.
  4. You can easily make an EPF withdrawal.
  5. You can easily transfer your PF online.
  6. You can list all of your PF accounts at one place.
  7. Multiple accounts can be handled by just one UAN.